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Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI) is a manufacturer of 
custom engineered turnkey industrial wastewater treatment facilities that are: designed, engineered, manufactured, installed, and commissioned. 

HEI is a registered Texas Professional Engineering firm. Our headquarters are located in Conroe, TX. 

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Industrial WasteWater Treatment Plants

HEI treatment plants process 50 – 5,000 gpm
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Continuous Water Recovery

Frac Flow Back Water

HEI Mobile Units process up to 50K barrels /day
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Clean Injectable Water

Produced Water Stationary Unit

HEI Stationery Units process 50K-100K barrels/day
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Profitable Rapid Payback

Biogas Production Systems

HEI manufactures 5,000KW REC operating plants
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High Production / Small Footprint

Inclined Plate Clarifiers

HEI manufactures clarifier capacity 50-5Kgpm
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Reduce Waste Volume

Filter Presses

HEI manufactures fully automatic membrane squeeze with filter press capacity 1-1K cuft
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Min Space / Max Output

Skid Mounted Complete WTS

HEI manufactures Skid Mounted Complete Wastewater Treatment Systems
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HEI Engineered Turnkey Systems

HEI Manufactured Equipment

Inclined Plate Clarifiers
50 GPM  – Part #  200/60/MB
6000 GPM –  Part # 6000/55/MD



Inclined Plate Clarifiers
Two (each) 6000/55/MD Clarifiers
Total Flow Rate: 6000 GPM

Oil Water Separators
25/2500 GPM


Conventional Filter Presses
1-20 Cubic Ft 



Automatic Filter Presses
Full Automatic Shifter – Membrane Squeeze
Automatic Filter Cloth Washing

Skid Mounted Units: Factory Assembled
20 GPM – Part # WTS 20/20 GPM




Media (Sand) Filters
Gravity and Pressure Flow
4 Each HGSF/100  – Part # 100/2000 GPM


Hazardous Waste Sludge Dryers
4/60 CF  Capacity –  Model # BP/30/S 


Sludge Thickeners
Part # ST 10/8000  8000 GPM


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