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Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI) dissolved air flotation systems (DAF) efficiently separate total suspended solids (TSS) and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) particles from industrial effluents. The system generates air bubbles ranging from molecular to micro bubbles.

Air is dissolved in the treated water by the addition of compressed air to a pressurized stream of recycled effluent. The pressurized water then passes through a pressure relief valve reducing the pressure to atmospheric. This depressurized water is then mixed with the conditioned influent.

When the pressure is reduced the super-saturated air begins to precipitate from solution. The molecules of air affix themselves or seed to the flocculated solids. The precipitated molecules coalesce into a micro bubble. The bubble with the suspended solids and/or minute oil droplets are buoyant and float to the surface.

This simple process combined with optimum conditioning chemistry and properly designed equipment provides a sophisticated solids and FOG separation system.

Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI) is a manufacturer of custom engineered turnkey industrial wastewater treatment facilities that are: designed, engineered, manufactured, installed, and commissioned. HEI is a registered Texas Professional Engineering firm. Our headquarters are located in Conroe, TX.  Questions? Contact Us