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Produced Water

Produced Water
Produced Water

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Clean Injectable Water with HEI Produced Water (Stationary Systems)

HEI has extensive experience in water and wastewater that extends successfully to the area of produced water, which may be processed utilizing standard industrial wastewater treatment technology.

The produced water contains oil, suspended soils and high levels of total dissolved solids (TDS).  The oil and suspended solids must be removed before the treated water can be re-injected for disposal.

HEI has 40+ years of experience of treatment technology available for designing a prudent disposal of the produced water.

In addition to HEI manufacturing the necessary oil water separators, inclined plate clarifiers and filter presses, we are uniquely qualified with in-house engineering expertise to implement an entire custom produced water system to meet your specifications.

Contact us. Let our experienced professional engineers develop a quotation for your project.