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Galvanized Flux Treatment Unit

Cone Bottom Clarifier and Filter Press

We just finished up with the installation of a Galvanizing Flux Treatment Unit for a company in Nebraska.

The galvanizing flux is pumped to the flux conditioning tank with hydrogen peroxide added to oxidize the ferrous ion to ferric ion. Provisions are included to meter in a solution of sulfate precipitant. A heavy-duty gear drive mixer is installed to blend fresh chemicals with the flux.

The treated flux then flows to the custom designed FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Clarifier Tank. The ferric iron and barium sulfate will precipitate and flocculate to settle in the cone bottom tank. The clarified flux overflows the launder weir and returns by gravity to the flux tank.

A polypropylene air diaphragm pump will pump the collected solids slurry to an HEI A-5 Filter Press. The press is equipped with a “press full” sensor to alert the operator when the press in fully compacted. The operator then opens the press and drops the filter cake into the sludge hopper.

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