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HEI patented PolyMixer®

We are ready to send out this custom-designed and manufactured PolyMixer® to a water treatment company in southeast Texas. The HEI patented PolyMixer® will automatically and continuously meter, dilute, and age viscous polyelectrolytes. The system is specifically designed to process oil based, difficult to mix, high molecular weight, anionic polymers. This class of polyelectrolyte is the most economical for the precipitation of heavy metal wastes. A seven gallon storage tank is provided to store the polyelectrolyte and provide gravity feed (flooded suction) to the metering pump. This eliminates the constantly recurring problem of “loss of prime” experienced by most systems attempting to meter low volumes of viscous solutions.

The PolyMixer® also provides a method to massively dilute the polyelectrolyte, which provides a much broader dispersion. The polymer is hence much more active because it is permitted to fully uncoil and rapidly reaches its most active state.

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