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Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI) has introduced a unique process that addresses nitrogen content in waste water effluent thereby assuring compliance with local regulations. The process reduces nitrogen content into discharge streams, and, this reduction helps to eliminate downstream algae blooms in receiving waters and creeks nearby.

The digestate from anaerobic treatment and the production of biogas contains residual inorganic chemicals such as ammonia, nitrates, carbonates, phosphate, potassium and trace amounts of other compounds. It also contains residual unreacted organic compounds and excess biomass—both active and decaying. The novel process addresses each of these issues, and, by adding special water treatment chemicals can cause separation of solids from the carrier water.

The process design provides two avenues to separated solids treatment:
1. The collected solids slurry from the bottom of the clarifier tank are pumped to a stabilizer to be re-processed. The microbes add to the stabilizer culture to increase activity. Unreacted organic matter is digested creating more biogas.
2. Pressed or discarded solids can be collected and transported to the farm for land applications. The clarified water exiting the clarifier overflows the unit ( weir gravity) and are sent to an aeration lagoon where oxygen is consumed by two pathways.

Following is a description of the two oxygen-consumptionspathways:
1. The oxygen is consumed by the nitro-somonas bacteria which oxidizes ammonia to nitrate and then to nitrogen through nitrification/denitrification. (US Patent Numbers 6,054,044 and 7,585,413).
2. The dissolved oxygen is consumed by the facultative microbes to consume excess organic compounds.

Treated water is stored in a large, open, lined basis for up to ninety (90) days where it is used for irrigation. The unique HEI nitrification/denitrification process is integrated as part of an open loop anaerobic system for the production of biogas and electricity. That process consists of the following operations:
• Anaerobic Inoculation
• Anaerobic Incubation
• Stabilization and digestion
• Biogas cleaning
• Burning biogas to generate electricity

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