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500/60/MB Clarifier being built

500/60/MB Clarifier

Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (www.heienv.com)  manufacturing team has finished putting together 500/60/MB model Clarifier and now it’s ready to be sandblasted and painted. This is just one component of a complete turn-key wastewater treatment facility Hoffland is providing for a plant in north Texas. It is engineered to remove conditioned solids from suspension by utilizing up-flow slant plates to produce a large settling area with minimum floor space. This clarifier is sized at 0.13 gallons per minute per square foot of horizontal projected settling area and the plates are set at a 60º angle.

A sludge rake is built into the clarifier to break up impacted solids permitting the sludge to shift and be pumped from the unit. The rake movement also tends to thicken the sludge by permitting an avenue for entrained water to move upward through the sludge blanket.

Other clarifier designs utilize a cone intended to assist in solids removal. This is a false concept. Flocculated metal hydroxide particles are very light and tend to drift and hang. Their angle of repose approaches 80º. Therefore a cone of as much as 60º is ineffective. A cone type clarifier will “rat hole”, drawing only water from the center, leaving the sludge on the sides. The cone creates added height to the clarifier without benefit and also dramatically reduces the sludge storage capacity. Sludge will compact under gravitational forces with time.

Hoffland Environmental, Inc. has been producing its custom clarifiers for over 30 years and is an industry leader in the manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment.

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